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I speak with passion.
I speak with conviction.
I speak this way to stir your emotion.
When I have invested my time to go and hear someone speak on a topic close to my heart, I want to feel a connection. I expect to leave with something tangible, educational and above all, an emotive to enhance myself.
Do you expect the same? If you have left many seminars or events as I have, positively deflated, have you thought twice about going to another with a similar subject matter?
I am sometimes conflicted with the thirst to learn more about what drives me against the fear of being let down by a mono-toned uninspiring speaker. Who stands on the spot and disengages every listener, albeit they’re extremely diverse in their specialist subject.
What do I do then? I invest in myself. Nowadays, it’s all about how I can build my library of intellect into something resourceful.

Imagine you have two, even one specialist subject, a topic you can talk about nonstop for an hour! You can elaborate, accentuate and graphically illustrate. Isn’t it better to master that than to try cramming in a catalogue of subjects you fall short on when the questions start flying?

I class myself as an exceptional speaker of my life. Who can know me better than myself! Therefore I speak confidently about myself and all my Fifty plus years.

So what have I got so interesting about me that people would want to come and listen to?

1. I was a young carer. My caring began at the age of two years old.
Whom did I care for? I cared for my sister, who was eleven months younger than me and autistic.

2. I, unfortunately, experienced childhood sexual abuse by a family member and held that secret for fifty years.

3. I had a custody battle with my ex-partner over our daughter for eight years, he won.

4. I suffered the loss of a twin baby at birth.

There are facets and layers to all those above mentioned, with many other issues I faced. Would you be interested in hearing any one of them or all? You can if you acquire my Autobiographical trilogy ‘The Transition Series by Jannette Barrett, on Amazon or the Waterstones site currently featuring the first two books in paperback and Kindle download. ‘They Never Saw Me ..Triumphant Through My Early Years.’ And ‘I Don’t Know Who I Am.’ The third is going through its process for an Autumnal launch this 2021. It will be an epic read. Its title is called ‘Cries From Their Cells’…my long walk on forgiveness road. But, I confess to you now, it was my total rebirth return to wholeness. To the person I was created to be with the abilities to perform and the purpose of achieving.

Never undermine your greatness. We can be our specialist subject. Every eye could be upon you, too, as it has been on me if you learn how to utilise your own material.
Be confident in your delivery about yourself. It is paramount, and that can only truly be achieved on our intimate self-belief, which stems from our love of ourselves. You have to exercise being selfish sometimes. Let me break that word down.


S:- Start

What an acronym! It’s simple to remember too and takes a whole new outlook to that often negatively received word.

What does S.E.L.F.I.S.H bring to us, and why is it essential that we practice it? First, it brings ‘Mental awareness.’ What can be more important than that? Second, without S.E.L.F.I.S.H being our ultimate first-hand investment, everything we strive to achieve can fall flat. And we find ourselves in ill health, physically or mentally.
I encourage you to practice a little S.E.L.F.I.S.H regularly. Do it seasonally or at least annually. If you can maintain your car to ensure it operates at full capacity for you and doesn’t ‘Breakdown’, then all the more, you ensure you don’t either.