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The Authors Midwife

Do you want to write a book?

The Author’s Midwife provides strategic coaching and vision to enable you to write a book that will reach and grip your chosen audience resulting in raising your public and professional profile.

Exposing your life and experience in an autobiographical book is a challenge and an emotional and mentally taxing journey. Even if you are not writing about your personal life, becoming a published author requires determination, vision, focus and discipline. Working with the Authors Midwife and her team give you support and provide accountability to ensure that you complete your manuscript’s first draft.

Who is the Author’s Midwife?

Marcia M Spence is a best-selling author, a coach, speaker, trainer, project manager and inspirational woman who has nurtured and developed leaders for over 20 years. Marcia has successfully coached, mentored, and supported business owners and corporate professionals to tell their stories in written and spoken words for over ten years.

Marcia does not work alone. She has a team of readers, editors, designers at hand to take your manuscript to the next level, ensuring that it will grab the reader’s attention and that it is grammatically sound and presented in an attractive and pleasing format.

Marcia runs an independent publishing service company, Marcia M Publishing House Ltd, which provides comprehensive packages of author services to self-publishing authors, taking your book from concept to delivery. (e-book, paperback, hardback, and audiobooks).

Chantel Hall Reid

Chantel is a Brand Ambassador for Marcia M Publishing House. As an ambassador Chantel hopes to represent black female authors and aims to promote writing to a diverse audience, in particular those who may not have considered becoming authors.


Memoirs and Autobiography
Self-Help (semi-autobiographical)
Books for Business
Collaborative books and anthologies

Book Strategy Coaching Sessions with The Author’s Midwife are included in all of our coaching packages. The sessions enable the book project’s strategic direction and maintain their journey to complete their books.

I will coach you to success:

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90 Day Memoir Challenge:

Write a 30,000-word memoir in 90 days! It is possible! I did exactly that; in fact, I wrote a 45,000-word book in 90 days, and it was published 90 days after I wrote it! Imagine that you could be a published author in six months, submit an inquiry, and sign up! I will support you, and I have the formula and the resources you will need.

Do you want to become a publisher? I will teach you all of the basics needed to set up a successful small publishing services business. I am looking out for your enquiry.

Testimonials for The Authors Midwife

CHANTEL HALL REID – Author of Imani’s Diary
Teen Girl Coach & Mentor |Author |Entrepreneur | Great British Entrepreneur Award 2020 finalist | Speaker
May 12, 2021, Chantel was a client of ??‍♀️Authors Midwife ?Marcia M. Spence’s

I published my first novel with Marcia M Spence and it ‘s been one of the most exciting rewards ever. From my initial consultation, the passion for my book was unearthed. Marcia and her team work alongside authors to help them realise their true potential and to publish authentic books that matter. I cannot thank you enough for allowing my dreams to come true.

Testimonials for The Authors Midwife

Jannette Barrett – Author of the Transitions Series an Autobiographical Trilogy.

Hi there, if you are looking at Marcia’s profile then you are searching for a publisher I expect. Well stop your search you have reached. I am dyslexic and unfortunately I also have dyscalculia double edged sword eh! That didn’t matter when it came to sorting out my manuscript. Marcia the midwife Spence DELIVERED and I am now the proudest author of two books on this planet. She will nurture you, wean you, help you walk through until you are stable and happy with your book. She won’t depart there either but stay for any backup you need with marketing and launching. Intrigued! Get connected right now.